Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm sorry my laptop became malfunction a few months ago so I couldn't post my look. But don't worry it just done yesterday. Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!
Actually this look is taken a few weeks ago when I visited my classmate's house. Captured by Lusiana Dwi Andini--she's my classmate and also my besties. Well, I don't wanna much talking. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Alphabetical shirt-unbranded, Denim jacket-giordano, White shorts-unbranded, Belt-unbranded, Sneakers-unbranded, Pixel Sunglasses-unbranded.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Summer Breeze

Hella guys, happy weekend :D it's time to relaxing our mind after working and studying for whole weekdays. As for me, i plan to go to car free day with my sister Liza Efyaningtyas. I thought that it wasn't so crowded but it's all wrong. It's really really crowded til i couldn't walk lol. Sorry it's too much :p
I wore a Nevada plaid shirt, brown shorts, and sneakers. For the final touch, as always I put my glasses on ;) hope you guys enjoy it <3 <3

I forgot to bring camera so i do this photoshoot on the second floor of my sister's home :)

All of these pictures were taken by Habiba Ali Masnuna. Thanks to her very much <3333

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